Paul Weller/Gabrielle Collaboration

Weller is to feature on ‘Why’ – the new single from Gabrielle. The song, which contains a sample from ‘Wild Wood’, features Weller on backing vocals and acoustic guitar.

From FemaleFirst.co.uk:

Gabrielle, one of the UK’s most successful female singer-songwriters, returns with her classy new single, ‘Why’ on September 24th through Universal Music Record Label. The single will be available to download from September 17th.

The idea for ‘Why’ came when Gabrielle was working in the studio with The Boilerhouse Boys. The song is built around a sample from Paul Weller’s ‘Wild Wood’ and was one of the final songs Gabrielle wrote for her new album.

After recording a demo, the track was re-recorded with Paul Weller playing guitar and singing backing vocals.

‘Why’ is taken from Gabrielle’s new album Always which will be released on October 1st. Always is Gabrielle’s fifth studio LP, and her first since 2004 (prolific she’s not:I’m renowned for not releasing albums very often, so I’m due now).

Like every album she’s made since her 1993 debut, Find Your Way, it’s completely Gabrielle: soulful and passionate, but with an ungraspable quality that doesn’t really equate with British soul music.

For the album, Gabrielle returned to her roots and worked with Julian Gallager and The Boilerhouse Boys both of whom have been behind many of her early hits.

Once again, Gabrielle has written every track on the album. From the seventies soul influenced title track to the Motown-meets-rock stomp of ‘Heartbreaker’ and the classic ballad ‘Closure.’ Always is Gabrielle’s finest album to date.

Over the last 14 years Gabrielle has had an incredible run of success. From the No 1 singles ‘Dreams’ and ‘Rise’ which have both gone on to become genuine classics to the chart topping albums – two of which sold over a million in the UK alone Rise and Dreams Can Come True.

More Information and a song clip:


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