Yep Roc to release "Wild Wood" Deluxe in the USA!

Yep Roc, Paul’s US label, is releasing the Deluxe re-issue of Wild Wood. Here’s the recent press release noting a February 5, 2008 release date. In addition, you can stream the ENTIRE album by just clicking HERE!

Yep Roc Records to reissue classic Paul Weller album, Wild Wood, on February 5th
December 10, 2007, 12:00 am

“[Wild Wood] made the Modfather, it changed British rock.”– Uncut

Yep Roc announces the reissue of Paul Weller’s seminal solo album, Wild Wood on Feb. 5, 2008.

Following the success of Yep Roc’s release of the career-spanning Weller box set Hit Parade, Yep Roc is again making available the album considered by many critics to be Paul’s post-Jam masterpiece. Wild Wood marks a creative rebirth in the career of one of music’s most lauded songwriters and innovators, making the album an invaluable archive in the diverse canon of rock ‘n’ roll.

The 1993 release of Wild Wood single handedly changed Weller’s persona. No longer was he only “Paul Weller of The Jam/Style Council,” now he was the larger than life “Modfather,” the patriarch of Britpop and all things hip. Led by a renewed creative spark and expanded influences including Nick Drake, Traffic and even Crosby, Stills & Nash, Weller produced, according to Q Magazine, a “pastoral coming of age masterpiece.”

Wild Wood single-handedly defined Weller as a solo artist while simultaneously wrenching British rock from the grips of techno in the UK and the imposing influence of grunge from the west.

For the first time, freed from the stylistic restraints of his former success, Weller limbered, incorporating introspection, sprawling guitar jams and rural folk into what had been a more narrow artistic vision with The Jam and Style Council. The idea of Weller as pastoral folk poet clearly colored the work of rock heavyweights like Blur and Oasis, marking it one of the works that directly spawned the Brit pop explosion of the ’90s. Wild Wood‘s most direct beneficiary, Noel Gallagher of Oasis, once commented, “The first time I heard Wild Wood, it bent my head.”

This deluxe reissue includes the original album as well as all the creative components surrounding those classic fifteen tracks, providing fans with an all-encompassing look at one of the most fertile periods in the creative life of this musical monolith.

Disc one includes the original album as well as seven bonus cuts including the “sublime” (Q Magazine) Portishead remix of ” Wild Wood,” and b sides. Disc two consists of b sides and covers like C, S & N’s “Ohio” and the Small Faces’ “I’m Only Dreaming.” Also on disc two are rare, unreleased songs from the Wild Wood period, the quality and passion of which make it clear how prolific a period this was in Weller’s long creative journey.

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