Paul Weller To Play "Exit Festival" In Serbia On July 11,08!

Paul Weller, one of the most influential British musicians of all time and the former frontman of the legendary The Jam and The Style Council, is going to perform on the Main Stage of the Exit Festival on Friday, 11th July in Serbia.

Paul has just announced the new double album “22 Dreams” to be released in June. The album will be featuring Noel Gallagher and Gem Archer, the Oasis frontman and guitarist, as well as the former Blur guitarist Graham Coxon. After the release, Paul is heading on a tour of the UK, and in the summer, we will be hearing him on the Fortress.

At the Exit Festival, the audience will have the opportunity to hear both some of his classics and the songs from his new album. Weller will be performing with his usual band, which comprises guitarist Steve Cradock, drummer Steve White and bassist Damon Minchella.

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