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Details For "22 Dreams Deluxe Edition!"

A 2 disc set, the album plus an additional bonus disc that features exclusive new recordings, collaborations and original demos and 32-page booklet all elegantly presented in a smart hardback book.

Disc 1
1. Light Nights
2. 22 Dreams
3. All I Wanna Do (Is Be With You)
4. Have You Made Up Your Mind
5. Empty Ring
6. Invisible
7. Song For Alice
8. Cold Moments
9. The Dark Pages of September Lead to the New Leaves of Spring
10. Black River
11. Why Walk When You Can Run
12. Push it Along
13. A Dream Reprise
14. Echoes Round the Sun
15. One Bright Star
16. Lullaby Für Kinder
17. Where’er Ye Go
18. God
19. 111
20. Sea Spray
21. Night Lights

Disc 2

1. 22 Dreams (Demo)
2. Rip The Pages Up
3. Light Nights (Demo)
4. Cold Moments (Demo)
5. Love’s Got Me Crazy
6. Invisible (Marco Version)
7. Big Brass Buttons (Instrumental)
8. 22 Dreams (Instrumental)

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