Paul Weller – A Thousand Things

Paul Weller’s ‘A Thousand Things’ is officially released on June 2, 2008!

A THOUSAND THINGS is not only written and signed by Paul Weller, he has also been instrumental in choosing the photographs that tell the story of an amazing 30-year recording career, from the earliest days of The Jam – with schoolfriend Steve Brookes on guitar – through the new modernism of The Style Council to his eight incredible solo albums.

A THOUSAND THINGS contains nearly 350 photographs and items of personal memorabilia printed on 230 pages, each edged in silver. Every copy is hand-made using traditional materials and printed on heavyweight archival paper.

Borrowing its dimensions from a traditional 12-inch LP record, the book’s format allows for the covers of every one of Paul Weller’s studio albums to be reproduced full size, as they were originally intended to be viewed.

The cover is bound in screen-printed buckram and the spine is a luxurious leather with the title embossed in silver along its length. The book and vinyl record are housed in a black buckram box, hand-made in Italy, screen-printed and foil-blocked in silver.

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