Paul Weller XFM Concert Pictures and Set List!

Here’s a few pictures and the set list for Paul’s concert Saturday, 21 June 2008 at KOKO in London for XFM Radio.

It’s been said that you should never trust a band that doesn’t sweat. That being the case, the amount of faith handed over to Paul Weller at KoKo is colossal and somewhat justified. Dipping – and indeed, dripping – liberally into his new album, ’22 Dreams’, the Queen Mum of Britpop, Gawd bless ‘im, is still burning with a passion that belies his years. ‘Echoes Round The Sun’ is a psychedelic delight while ‘Push It Along’ merely confirms the Modfather’s continued ability to belt them out with the best of ’em. Nothing though, compares to the feverish response that greets a frenzied ‘Eton Rifles’ that sees Weller reclaim it from those who recently misappropriated it. Cappuccinos all round, then!

Courtesy of Pete aka The Eton Rifle

Peacock Suit was not played.

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  1. Going to see Paul in sydney if i can get a few tickets. Listening to days of speed a few years ago inspired me to take up guitar. I went to see him play at the royal albert hall and i have to say his attitude to his fans that night sucked. i came away feeling totally let down. I hope i see something a little more special this time.


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