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Weller: "I’d Rather Sing in Pubs Than Reform The Jam"!

From The Post Chronicle

Paul Weller would prefer to scrabble around for cash as the leader of a pubband rather than reform The Jam – because a reunion with former bandmates Rick Buckler and Bruce Foxton would not be dignified.

The British mod icon has angrily mocked Buckler and Foxton’s The Jam spin-off group From The Jam and he insists nothing would make him consider a reunion.

Weller, who has been involved in bitter royalties battles with his former A Town Called Malice bandmates, tells America’s Spin magazine, “That (reunion) will never happen, I can promise you.

“It would be totally and utterly pointless. Even if I was impoverished – and thank God I’m not – I’d go off and do something else, playing pubs and clubs instead.

“It would be important, I think, to maintain some sort of dignity. The Jam was a great statement at the time, and many of our records still stand up today, but it’s over, it’s the past, and that’s where it should stay.” (c) WENN

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