Paul Weller In Brisbane – A Short Review!

Paul Weller Overcomes Illness To Wow Tivoli Audience!

By Noel Mengel (Courier Mail)
August 26, 2008 12:00am

Paul Weller prefers to be on the move with his music and to look forward to the next stage of his career rather than go over old ground. There was plenty of room for both in last night’s blazing show at Brisbane’s The Tivoli.

Shout To The Top, Changing Man, Eton Rifles, That’s Entertainment, Wild Wood – songs like these, which are some of the pick of the crop from his years with The Jam, The Style Council and his solo career – were featured

The lengthy set also included songs from Weller’s excellent new album, 22 Dreams, ranging from soul ballad Invincible to the rollicking Sea Spray, which was welcomed as if it were an old favourite.

The two-day delay in the show only seemed to make the crowd more hungry for it all, and at 50 Weller seems as hungry as ever to create music that’s as powerful as the former glories.

Weller’s weekend concerts were postponed because of a dose of the flu. He apologised for that but more than made up for it with a fiery performance that will live long in the memory of those who saw it.

Tonight’s show for ticket-holders from the original Sunday show has been moved to the Arena nearby as The Tivoli isn’t available.

Due to the change of venue, a limited number of tickets have become available for the show, available through Ticketek, 132 849.

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