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Paul Weller In Crawley – Set List

Courtesy Of Pretty Green

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  1. my ears are still ringing fom last nights gig at crawley k2!! how amazing this legend is ,with his wide varity of music styles and a big paul weller fan i was always gonna like a gig of his but was blown away by the performance and energy of paul .i like 22 dreams a whole lot more after hearing the live more rockier versions and when eton rifles and the other faves were played the crowd went mad.we did not want it to end and after an encore i said i wish they would of played malice then wey hey he must of heard!! in they came for the final track town called malice…i took my 16 yr old son who thought it was amazing too,just goes to show its not just the 30 somethings that love paul, theres a new generation of weller fans emerging and the lengend will live on forever……


  2. Does anyone have Crawley 2 (7th)Mixed the order around, no Shout but an electric Thats Entertainment.Had trouble with the lights and video screen on Thursday, but was all ok Friday


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