Paul Weller In Birmingham – Pics & Gig Review!

Paul Weller,
Birmingham LG Arena
By Tim Sturgess

It’s hard to believe the first time I saw Paul Weller on stage I was 15 and the year was 1982. Now the Jam generation are all grown up and even bringing their own children to the gigs.

Last night at Birmingham’s LG Arena Weller took the audience on a musical journey through one of the most impressive back catalogues in British popular culture.

Opening with Peacock Suit, Changing Man, Into Tomorrow, All I Wanna Do (is be with you) and From the Floorboards Up,the pace was fast and hard and nearly everybody was on their feet.

Weller knows what his audience wants and delivered it in spade-loads. The biggest applause was saved for the classics, including Shout to the Top and the class system anger of Eton Rifles.

After four decades of song writing and now aged 50, there seems no stopping him. This man’s fire has definitely not gone out.


  1. from the very first chord the hairs on the back of my neck stood up, i too first saw weller back in 81-82, like a fine wine the man has got better with age. At the LG Arena on friday night he gave a performance that absolutely blew me away. weller himself was “avin it” big time and the audience fed off him. fantastic track list which included tracks like eton rifles, town called malice,and an absolutely fantasic rendition of butterfly collector, as well as some brilliant tracks from his new album 22 Dreams. The man was on fire and i for one thoroughly enjoyed every minute, just didnt want it to end, neither did the audience who wouldnt budge until they had their 2 encores. Just go and see him live , you wont regret a minute of it.


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