Paul Weller In Wolverhampton – Review & Set List!

All’s Weller For Modfather Paul!

Paul Weller at The Civic, Wolverhampton,It was only 8.45pm but Paul Weller couldn’t wait to get started.

Strutting out to old favourite Peacock Suit, he attacked the opening numbers with a ferocious glint in his eyes and beaming great smile. And why not? Here he was in a venue he loves, playing to a sell-out crowd who hang on his every chord and with his best album in 17 years to cherrypick his choice of songs from.

The epic 22 Dreams is the Modfather’s most consistent work since going solo – and its experimental edge has been carried through to breathe new life into older material on tour.

Hence Wildwood got a bass-heavy reworking last night and Broken Stones had all sorts of whistles and bells attached during the encore.

But, for once, it was newer material that lifted the Civic in Wolverhampton from the floorboards up.

Sea Spray and Have You Made Up Your Mind were highlights, sitting comfortably alongside old favourites like Shout to the Top.

Greatest reverence, as ever, was reserved for Jam songs and Eton Rifles has clearly lost none of its rabble-rousing lustre down the years, while an acoustic Butterfly Collector left hairs standing up on 2,000 necks. This was the old master on form alright – and loving it. But there was a time when he seemed almost frustrated that his more modern work was always overshadowed by past glories.

Not any more.

And maybe it’s that proud realisation which has finally put a smile on the face of Brit-rock’s most-fabled angry young man.

By Keith Harrison.

Set List:
Peacock Suit
Out Of The Sinking
22 Dreams
The Changingman
Wake The Nation (new song)
All I Wanna Do
From The Floorboards Up
Sea Spray
Shout To The Top
Eaton Rifles
Porcelain Gods
One Bright Star
Empty Ring
7 & 3 (new song)
Have You Made Up Your Mind
Push It Along
All On A Misty Morning
Butterfly Collector
Brand New Start (not played)
Why Walk (not played)
Wild Wood
Echoes Round The Sun
Come On, Let’s Go

Wild Blue Yonder
Broken Stones
Whirlpool’s End
Malice (not played)
That’s Entertainment (not played)

Set List Courtesy Of Wimpers

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  1. Still love him but also know deep down he has major failings. These seem to have been totally whitewashed recently what with him turning 50 & putting out the absolute stunner of '22 Dreams'. The modfather can still show a lack of respect to his fans. Where was the mention in the review of the four tracks that he was going to play and didn't bother? It was certainly an own goal keeping people waiting for a second encore & then not appearing. There were quite a few boos. Let's remember the 'Great Socialist' still charges £37 a ticket. Paul W


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