9 responses to “Paul Weller’s NYC Show Has Been Cancelled!

  1. Un believable./ My dad is traveling from Sweden JUST to see him with his son (IE me) Disappointment doesn’t even cover the feeling. I turned him on to Stanley road, and it has been a favorite of ours ever since. Why the *** was it canceled. We have been looking forwards to this for months.


  2. This seems to be correct. I received the email and Ticketmasters site also lists the concert as cancelled. Bummer – we have booked flights from Buffalo especially to see Paul. Does anyone know the reason?


  3. I am coming from Kingston Ont and am disappointed to say the least but my heart bleeds for you sweden. I went to see him in London last May and Toronto in Sept both were a blast this crushes me but who knows he might come back, did he preform in the desert?


  4. Timpa- I can relate. Not that it compares with the cost of traveling from Sweden. But I bought concert tickets, plane tickets and booked a hotel, too. I hope you will still have a lovely time in NYC.


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