1. Did I miss something? I don’t recall Eton Rifles being played…I thought he went straight into That’s Entertainment?
    Also to note…Broken Stones was added to by some choruses of “Oh Happy Day”

    Thanks for posting!


  2. You didnt miss anything. They didn't do 7 & 3 or Eton Rifles. There were a few 'add lib' moments.

    a great show that the band and crowd were both up for.


  3. they didnt do 7&3 or Eton Rifles but the improvisation well made up for it. There was a bob Dylan cover mixed into the acoustic set and Weller wet into a song momentarily, but I dont recall what it was.

    A great show


  4. Any idea if there’s a recording of this floating around somewhere? It was only my 2nd PW gig (first was SF’s 2005 show), and I’d like to get a recording of one or the other someday…


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