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It is with great sadness that we heard the news that John Weller, manager of Paul Weller and The Jam has died.

Anybody who was lucky enough ever to see The Jam live will know that his bellowing introduction to the band – ‘LET’S HEAR FOR THE BEST FUCKING BAND IN THE WORLD – THE JAM!’ was a vital part of the live ritual.

As we all know from hindsight The Jam went on to become the most enduring band that came out of British Punk scene. With a string of hit singles and albums, John Weller made this happen, making sure that Polydor never forgot that The Jam was their greatest asset.

Stories of the sacrifices that John made are legion within the lore of The Jam. He maintained his job on a building site while negotiating the record deal – rushing to a payphone in his tea break to call back Polydor and land that deal.

John Weller was not yer typical Svengali manager, there was no bullshit, no scheming, no nonsense. He just did what was right for the band. His personality was stamped all over what The Jam did, even the showbiz parties were different. It is fondness we recall the final Solid Bond studios parties where celebs rubbed shoulders with the aunties and uncles from Woking.

The music world has lost a unique character. So – ‘LET’S HEAR FOR THE BEST FUCKING ROCK’N’ROLL MANAGER IN THE WORLD – JOHN WELLER!’

© Words – Paolo Sedazzari/ ZANI

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