John Weller Tribute…From: Joe Nelis

John Weller ,

As much as Paul Weller is on record as being sited as the driving force behind The Jam, there was in fact another

Weller with as much impact, drive and passion as the afore mentioned,

John Weller was the tireless, determined, resolute, industrious ball of energy deep at the heart of The Jam,

The Style Council and The Paul Weller Movement.

John was there to ensure that all the cogs operated in the right place and always at the right time. He was very

astute and gracious as a father and subtle and shrewd as a manager.

Family was the solid bond for John, the supreme! It was the love of said family which was most indicative to him, and

boy did it show !

There is a great family bond in the Weller camp (how many artists do you see with family pictures on their record

Covers? ) [Stanley Road] and that will grow even stronger as the family draw together at this time.

My heart goes out to the family, not just as a Paul Weller fan but as a John Weller fan, if we all had parents

with the same insight, values and drive as John Weller wouldn’t this world be just that little bit better !

John Weller,

Above The Clouds,…………. without a doubt !

Peace & Love

Joe Nelis

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