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So sorry to hear about your dad. Keep him close in your memories.
-Allison, Andrew, Daniel & Gregory
New York City

I think Paul said it all in reference to his dad in the beautiful song ‘Where ‘er Ye Go.
I can imagine that the song is more meaningful than ever to Paul now.
I’ve only ever heard very nice things said about John Weller so I can imagine how hard it will be for his family to get over their sad loss.
He was a very supportive father who gave his family everything, and that alone holds high respect for the man in my opinion.
May you always shine on.
B P Slade
Reading Berkshire.

Dear Paul,
Hi from Jean Lannen and Chris Snider, old fans from Michigan that now live in San Francisco. We’ve had talked with you many times, along with your father at shows….(including your Birthday show back in Ann Arbor Michigan, along time ago)…..your Father was sooooo very cool, and made a huge impression and inspiration to us! I’m so sorry for you loss….but, actually – he still exists in us all, and is still playing cards and swearing up in there, above it all, or in it all – around us!!!

Paul, you are the rock of alternative and punk music. Please, never forget it….and keep us filled with the fuel!!!!! We love you!! Hope to see you again in San Francisco…and I hope to take more photo’s of you…i know it’s been awhile…..
smiles, jeanie and chris….

Sleep well ‘Papa John Weller’ – my thoughts are with Paul and his family.
Janet x
Maidenhead UK

Please accept our condolences for Paul and his family, from Catalonia.
Magic Pop

Please pass on my sympathy to Paul and his family at this time. Great man.
David Delaney

Just to let you know Paul,my thoughts are with you.
X Caz X Lancs

If Paul Weller is The Modfather then John was The Godfather! I never met him but he had a profound affect on my life. I hope he’s up there having a rum & coke with the likes of Marriott & Moon and telling that they were ‘ok’ but he was the “manager of the best bands in the fuckin world!”
RIP Big Man.
From Diz

Years of beautiful memories, Sprayed with a million tears, Wishing God could have spared you,If just for a few more years. We love you, we miss you and we are proud that Paul will keep your dream and vision alive. Sincere condolences to the entire Weller family circle.
From Martin, Donna & Ross in Bangor Co Down, Northern Ireland.

I first saw Paul live in 1993, in a tiny club in Providence, RI. I was 24 at the time, and had waited 11 years before finally having an opportunity to see him perform in person – it was so worth the wait! I remember briefly meeting John, and his kindness to a young, giddy fan like me – another fan posted a comment about John on Paul’s site this week – it rings true for me as well – John made so many fans feel like they were the only one in the world… may he rest in peace.
Cheryl Wilson

So sad to hear the news about John. A true diamond geezer who always called a spade a spade. Condolences to Paul and the rest of the family.

Really sorry to hear of your loss. My thoughts go out to Paul Weller and his family.
God Bless.
Glenn Daniels

it was with great sympathy to hear of John Weller’s passing been a fan of Paul’s made you feel like you new the man,the bond between the two always seemed to be second to none.God bless John….
Paul R.

I never met John Weller – but I was in the same room as him on several occasions – and on all occasions he was introducing The Jam on stage in his own inimitable way. Most memorably at Deeside Leisure Centre almost 30 years ago – when I was in the middle (not intentionally) of a pitched battle. John strode on stage and bellowed ‘if you dont stop fighting then the f*ckin band aren’t coming on’. Peace was restored and another night of magic unfolded.

I’ve followed Paul Weller since those days – the highs and lows – and the magic still keeps going on – with recent concerts for me over the last couple of years including Amsterdam (where I finally met Paul briefly and got my picture taken with him), Madrid, Belfast, Dublin, Cork and New York.

The only time I really saw an insight into John the man was via the documentary on the BBC last year. John was interviewed briefly, but you could feel the pride he had not only in Paul’s achievements but the rest of the family. He came across as a decent, down-to-earth family man who will no doubt be missed by all that knew him.

People who know me ask me why a 43-year-old man still travels far and wide to follow Paul Weller? It’s assumed it’s an obsession but it’s not. There are many, many of us – and I do it for the music. I will never forget New York, Amsterdam or Madrid and cannot put into words the pleasure I’ve had over the years at concerts and through the albums etc.

My life to date would have been so much poorer without it – so if anything – god bless the man who brought Paul into the world and encouraged him to be the man he is.

Thanks John and condolences to the Weller family.
Brian Flanagan

I feel very sorry to hear of the death of John Weller. I suppose he was not only father and manager, but also idol, trustful friend and the one to rely on for Paul.
I can remember a Paul Weller concert in 1990 at the Docks in Hamburg, when no one was allowed to take any cameras to the stage, except the press. A friend of mine wanted to take fotos as well, but she had to leave her camera at the entrance. Then we saw John Weller and did talk to him about it. And he made it possible that we went home after the concert with a lot of great pw fotos and an interview.
(Hannover, Germany)

No John No Jam
R.I.P Weller Snr
In our dreams
Andy Massey

Where do u start, great man, fantastic man, living legend, what an influence, and what a father figure.
RIP big man
Charlie Hanson

From The Paul Weller Website..

John Weller
27th Apr 2009

We have received lots of request for information regarding the funeral of
John Weller and how you can pay your respects. The Wellers are touched
with the level of support from you at this time.

The Funeral of John Weller will be on Tuesday 5th May in Woking, anyone
wanting to send cards or flowers please send to:

(By 12 noon on the 5th May)



If you want to send any emails to the family please contact

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  1. i never met john weller,didnt meet him in and around surrey to even say”alright boss?”but after all these years nay decades of being in the weller army felt like i knew him just a little bit? peace. ian and michelle,ashtead,surrey xxx


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