Winter Tour – More Info Trickles In…

OK, folks. We are still wary to re-post the expected (rumored) Paul Weller Winter Tour dates as they still have yet to be confirmed. Numerous people have phoned Bookings Direct and have been told the tickets will go on sale July 8. Throughout the day, there have been reports that some dates have shown up on the ticket site, but disappear just as fast. To be honest, we just don’t know. It’s been a crazy couple of days trying to get the correct info for you. I’m looking at the site now and there is no listing for Paul Weller. So, I’m sure there will be all sorts of speculation until we get to July 8th or we are lucky enough to have an official announcement before then. At any rate, all this excitement for concerts scheduled to take place five months from now is a true testament to the dedication that our faithful readers have for Paul.

As always, if we hear anything concrete, we’ll let you know.


  1. i was with someone from the Paul Weller camp last night and they told me Paul is touring this winter, doing about 10 dates, all to be revealed very soon. They also told me Paul was approached to play at Bingley Music Live festival this September, but turned it down, due to recording commitments, but will hopefully be playing there next year.


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