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Paul Weller At Benicassim!

Paul’s set was cut short due to a fire on the festival grounds.

Three songs from the set can be viewed

Peacock Suit
Out Of The Sinking
22 Dreams

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  1. It wasn't just the fire, he had hurricane force winds to contend with also! Kings of Leon and all the other bands scheduled to perform canceled their shows, Paul was the last to play.


  2. Weller came on stage and performed with his usual gusto. The fire blazed in the distance but who cared when the mod father was in full swing – superb as usual with Craddock and the boys all having a great time!!!

    The winds were pretty scary though – the rigging dancing along with the crowd obviously terrifying the promoters. Paul was taken off at end of Eton Rifles, we all waited for him to return – unfortunately not to be! Disappointing but necessary (I think). Next day rumors were rife that Noel Gallagher was waiting in the wings to do a set with Paul – what an utter bummer, how good would that have been?

    Anyway, roll on November and Preston Guild Hall gig – happy days!!!


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