Paul Weller Talks About "Strawberry Fields Forever"

“I can remember the wonderment it filled me with as a kid and it still does after all these years – the soundscape it creates in my mind which I can never put my finger on and never want to. We’ve got so much information about The Beatles now, where they wrote this and recorded that and how, but sometimes that takes the magic away. Sometimes you just don’t need to know all those things. I remember seeing the two promo films, for this and Penny Lane. I was about nine, watching it on the black and white grainy TV set and I was so knocked out by it, and hearing the song on the radio it was like something coming in from another planet at the time. It’s the world’s most psychedelic record. No, I’d never attempt to cover it, wouldn’t know where to begin, maybe strip it down, do it on acoustic guitar but that still wouldn’t be good enough. You can’t touch it.”

From Mojo Magazine

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