Cover Art For Keb Darge & Paul Weller’s "Lost And Found"

Released January 19, 2010
As he always does with DJs, Keb kept a close eye on what Paul was pulling out of his record box. 
“Not a duff tune in sight, with records ranging from classic floor fillers to the super obscure. 
He was not tainted by any collectors’ scene attitude, just played the tunes he liked.”
Preview a few of Paul Weller’s Selections!


  1. Think Paul had a few bevvies before he was interviewed in that first clip! lol

    Looking forward to this one! Not going to listen to the previews, waiting the CD!!! (or vinyl would be nice…)

    Thanks Dave!

    Andy in Canada


  2. HA! Probably so Andy. I'll keep you posted on the vinyl. The record company that's releasing is pretty big on doing vinyl versions as well. Based out of the UK, so it might be pricey, but I'll certainly be trying to score a copy if they do.

    Peace and SOUL,


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