Huge Thanks From Paul Weller News!

Just wanted to send out a huge thanks to anyone and everyone that contributed pictures, set lists, videos, etc. as we chronicled the latest tour from Mr. Weller. It’s most certainly appreciated by fans throughout the world to be able to get a glimpse of what those in the UK have been so thoroughly enjoying. We saw the debut of new songs from the upcoming album as well as tunes that have not been played in over 25-30 years.

We will be here to keep you up to date as things pick up for a big 2010 for Paul and we certainly hope you’ll keep this a spot in your travels and continue those wonderful contributions. All the very best to you!!

Peace and SOUL,
Dave, Chris, Yann (The Paul Weller News Team)


  1. Thank you for your time and efforts. As a huge Weller fan this is a site I visit everyday and truly appreciate your work.Thank you again and I look forward to a epic 2010 for Paul.


  2. Cheers for all the efforts boys!!
    Top resource and one place you can guarentee to hear what is happening in the world of Mr.Weller.
    Keep on keeping on!!


  3. It's true, you're the #1 Weller pulse now! Put up a paypal buy us a pint thing and I'll get t' bar! And it's a double A side cause for once it's nice on the eye … Keep it coming in 2010! (2010 .. so glad the sky isn't full of deloreans)


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