2 responses to “Paul Weller In Latest Issue Of MOJO, Q and UNCUT!

  1. Delighted for Bruce Foxton…Of the 3 I thnk he was most upset with them falling out.Fingers crossed it's a good album.Like that No Tears Left To Cry…Very Bowie and one of the best thing's he's done in ages 🙂
    Roll on March 22nd.Tosh Flood, Dublin


  2. Have heard the album.Got a copy last month! Best tracks(and what I think the running order should've been)are……
    Find The Torch Burn The Plans.
    7 & 3 Is The Strikers Name.
    Fast Car Slow Traffic.
    Grasp And Still Connect.(But I've edited out the verses)
    Andromeda.(As good as anything he's ever written)
    No Tears To Cry.
    Aim High.(Best track on the album)
    She Speaks.
    Trees.(Edited out the 1st and 3rd bits – totally bonkers in a brilliant way, he's singing about when he was a woman!!!)
    Pieces Of A Dream.

    And that's it!!!

    For those of you who haven't heard it…You're in for a real treat 🙂

    Tosh Flood (again) Dublin.


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