Noel Gallagher On Paul Weller!

Ex-Oasis guitar great Noel Gallagher stopped by the U.K.’s Talk Sport radio station to appear on the “Sports Bar with Andy Goldstein” this past weekend. Typically, his comments were informative, honest and amusing, especially regarding his “mates.”

“I’ve got lots of mates, but they’re kinda in bands so they’re never really in the same place at the same time. If I’m not on tour, my mates in Kasabian will be off on tour, or (Paul) Weller will be doing summat (sic), so it’s very rare we’re all together at the same time. My best mate is, he’s not famous, he’s just kinda, he’s just my mate. His name’s Strangeboy. He used to play keyboards in Oasis in ’97 and he was just like a mate of a mate, but he came on tour with us to play keyboards. And we were at an airport lounge one afternoon and I was just looking at him, going, ‘he’s just really weird,’ you know, and the name Strangeboy stuck and I guess he’s my best mate. But I’ve got another best mate who lives up in Manchester. 

I guess (Paul) Weller’s my oldest friend, I suppose, and I don’t mean the fact that he’s, like, 50. I mean the fact that I’ve known him for a long time, I’ve known him for about 12 years. …There’s an unwritten law that I never go out with Paul Weller, he’s a nightmare. He’s hardcore – if you go out with him, if you come home at all, there’s bumps and bruises. There’s been scuffles in the street and you’ve probably fallen out with him.”

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