Paul Weller’s Next Single Released On June 14th!

Image Is The Promo CD.

Paul Weller has announced he will release a new double A-side single on June 14th, digitaly, on CD and on two 7″ vinyl records.

The two tracks that will feature on the release are “Find The Torch, Burn the Plans” and “Aim High,” which are taken from Paul’s recent album “Wake Up The Nation”.

Speaking about Find The Torch Paul explained: “Thematically, it ties in with the title track of the album. We’ve got to reclaim our heritage and our culture. Claim it back from the fucking politicians and the establishment. My daughter (Leah) and her mate sang on it too.”

“Aim High was initially one phrase repeated over and over. I hit that falsetto voice, which was nice because I haven’t used it for a long time. Once I had the melody I wrote the words really quickly.”

B-sides are still to be confirmed.

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