1. All three concerts appear to be sold out – please come to Wellerton (Wellington) Paul !!

    Wellington Town Hall – one concert, three times the crowd of the PowerStation. Easy.


  2. why didn't you get tickets for Auckland Anonymous? bit of a gamble waiting for him to come to you!


  3. oh yes!! Missed out on the presale for 1st show – phoned up and was told of a 2nd show – got me a handful of tickets! Now theres a 3rd show!
    Paul Weller, you give me faith!
    Not seen the man in years since I moved here.
    Good bloody job. So happy!

    Matt Yearbook

    ps – who's opening the show? Any word?


  4. Russ, tried to get tickets for Auckland – missed out on the two shows – by the time I heard there was a third show I'd missed out on that too.

    No gamble waiting for him to come to Welly, just missed out on available tickets and hoped he might include welly in the tour. Oh Well



  5. Have always said that I'd give my left nostril for Paul Weller to play New Zealand, but he IS, and therefore I can keep my nostril. Can't wait…


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