Paul Weller’s "Fast Car / Slow Traffic" Numbered White Vinyl Pre-Order!

We’re proud to announce that the next single from the Mercury Music Prize nominated album ‘Wake Up The Nation’ is the double a-side ‘Fast Car/Slow Traffic’.

‘Fast Car/Slow Traffic’ reunites Paul with Jam bassist Bruce Foxton for the first time on a record since 1983.

“It’s a real London tune. It’s pretty full on. It was really interesting to hear Bruce playing on it. You can instantly tell it’s him.” Says Paul of the track.

A – Fast Car, Slow Traffic
B – Fast Car, Slow Traffic (Primal Scream Remix)


  1. Poor choice for a single…Aim high would've been a far better choice if indeed a fourth single 'needed' to be culled from the LP.. It's all getting a bit 'S Club 7' releasing almost every album track as a single or a B side…


  2. Shopping, Butterfly Collector,Ghosts of Dachau, It Just Came To Pieces In My Hands, Fly On The Wall,A Year Late-even Golden Leaves.

    They are B sides. No one's surely claiming anything like the same importance is being placed on PW B sides these days.

    'Wake Up The Nation' is a fuckin astounding release.It's great to see weller retain a modernist approach, but the singles policy negates that a bit-without even talking about the expense.It was once a genuinely exciting thing to buy a weller single.It isn't now. Come on,man-sort it out…The Cap is right- a remix is not a double A side mate.


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