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New Weller Track ‘Starlite’

This summer Weller has a treat for his fans in the form of a brand new track – ‘Starlite’.

The song comes accompanied by several remixes and will be available on 12″ vinyl and as a digital download.

Speaking about ‘Starlite’, Weller said: “Here’s a brand new track called ‘Starlite’ in time for the Summer. It’s not from the forthcoming album, it’s just for NOW! It’s part Balearic beat, poetry and psychedelic music. I hope you like it. PWx”

The tracklisting for the iTunes bundle released on August 7th is:

1. Starlite (Original)
2. Starlite (Drop Out Orchestra Remix)
3. Starlite (Black Van Remix)

The 12″ vinyl released on August 29th will contain:

A. Starlite (Original)
AA. Starlite (Drop Out Orchestra Remix)

B. Starlite (Black Van Remix)
BB. Starlite (DJ Pulse Remix)

Stay tuned for pre-order details coming soon…

13 thoughts on “NEW PAUL WELLER TRACK! "Starlite" LISTEN NOW!!! Leave a comment

  1. The TSC b-side comparison is dead on, and since TSC b-sides are better than most bands' a-sides and album tracks, that is a good thing indeed.

    This makes me very excited for the new album.


  2. I don't like it, sounds like a tune that never even made it onto Modernism: A New Decade, c'mon Paul get that guitar back and liven it up a bit.


  3. This tune makes me wanna fill an ice bucket with IPA's and fire up the barbeque grill.

    Anyone down for some Argentine sausages and skirt steak with chimichurri?


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