Paul Weller’s "Starlite" Official Promo CD!

Here’s a photo of the “Starlite” promo CD that has been popping up on some auction sites the past few days. Aside from the vinyl, this seems to be the only official route of getting the non-mp3 version of Paul’s Summer single, as a CD version, up to this point, has not been announced for commercial retail release.


  1. this is my favourite summer single as it was come to milton keynes a lot of years ago…..
    sorry only 12″ single release. i'd prefer a cd format too. never into mp3 downloads btw.

    a long time fan from
    tuscany, italy


  2. Cant believe its on vinyl only. Gutted.Seems a strange decision to make as most people can't actually play vinyl……lucky DJ's

    Darren Hukin 24/08/2011


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