Paul Weller Reveals More Details About "Sonik Kicks" In New Uncut Magazine!

This month’s Uncut magazine features a short piece on upcoming 2012 releases and Paul Weller reveals a few more details about his “Sonik Kicks” album to be released in March.

A Few Quotes:

“I’ve been listening to a lot of free form music, call it electronica or whatever. And I like Lou Reed’s Metal Machine Music, so I guess there’s a certain amount of influence, but more in textural and sonic terms. There are some avantgarde and electronic elements that have been incorporated into the songs and there are a couple of soundscape pieces. There’s an experimental edge to it, but with some good tunes.”

“That Dangerous Age’ is very funky. That’s going to be the first single I think.”

“Whoever came down to the studio on any given day usually ended up on the record.”


  1. I'm really looking forward to this new album. And I hope Paul Weller will come back to Norway soon – to Bergen this time. Regards – Roar


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