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Official Music Video For Paul Weller’s Single, "That Dangerous Age."

Here is the official performance video for “That Dangerous Age” from Paul Weller’s upcoming album, “Sonik Kicks.” The single will be released on March 11. You can pre-order HERE.

4 thoughts on “Official Music Video For Paul Weller’s Single, "That Dangerous Age." Leave a comment

  1. mmmmmmm
    not bothered so much with the record,(ok its a bit dull) its just that bloody awful haircut hes been sporting fot the last 3 years. And for someone known for his style i find it rather strange that hes been wearing that same old black tshirt for as long as crap 70 s barnet. still the greatest english songwriter since Lennon and Mc cartney split


  2. Top tune with great beat and the always changing Weller sound. Can't wait to hear the whole Kicks album. This one and Around the Lake are something special, but quite different from the WUTN stuff. Tha Modfather rules!


  3. I really set myself up not to like this – what with Weller going a bit wanky with Pretty Green, designing Mini's & Fred Perry's and all that old bollocks! But I Love this vid, Love the song – a serious subject but tongue-in-cheek too. Weller at his songwriting best – hope the new album has a few more corkers like this on it


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