Paul Weller To Release ‘The Attic’ On Orange Vinyl In USA!

On the heels of the announcement that Paul Weller will be the face of John Varvatos in the designer’s Fall 2012 worldwide advertising campaign comes “The Attic”, the third single from Paul Weller’s Critically acclaimed album, Sonik Kicks. It is a pop song from a future time somewhere in the past. As Weller himself puts it, “It’s like a 50s pop song, but revved up: like Helen Shapiro on gear. It’s got the pizzicato strings to it, but with that manic pace, too. Lyrically, it’s a bit lovelorn.” However you describe it, the track is a classic Weller pop song. The B-side is the soulful, previously unreleased song, “We Got A Lot”.

This 7″ single is only available in the US and it’s on orange vinyl!

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