Spotlight On… The Jam – ‘The Gift’ Deluxe Edition Series!

Just in time for ‘the gift’ giving season, the last studio album from The Jam gets the deluxe edition treatment. Not only is there the standard 2 CD edition, but Universal is releasing a Super Deluxe Edition as well on November 19th. You’ll find the details below:


Outer box in original striped bag style cover – ‘The Jam – A Gift’!
Hardback 72-page, full-colour book – including period and fan’s memorabilia, magazine cuttings (NME etc.), reviews, photos, new interviews (with Paul Weller and producer Peter Wilson)
Forward by Paul Weller and new essay by John Harris
Set of postcard prints
Four discs, in individual wallets:

Disc 1 – original album re-mastered, + 10 singles/b-sides from the period, up to the split.

1. Happy Together
2. Ghosts
3. Precious
4. Just Who Is The 5 Oclock Hero
5. Trans-Global Express
6. Running On The Spot
7. Circus
8. The Planners Dream Goes Wrong
9. Carnation
10. Town Called Malice
11. The Gift
12. Precious (12inch)
13. The Great Depression
14. The Bitterest Pill (I Ever Had To Swallow)
15. Pity Poor Alfie / Fever
16. Pity Poor Alfie (swing version)
17. Beat Surrender
18. Shopping
19. Move On Up
20. Stoned Out Of My Mind
21. War

Disc 2 – 15 demos & alternate tracks, 13 previously unreleased, re-mastered

1. Skirt (demo)
2. Get Yourself Together (demo) Originally released on ‘Extras’
3. Ghosts (instrumental demo)
4. Just Who Is The 5 Oclock Hero (demo)
5. Running On The Spot (demo)
6. The Planners Dream Goes Wrong (demo)
7. Carnation (instrumental demo)
8. Precious (demo) Originally released on Direction Reaction Creation’
9. The Bitterest Pill (demo)
10. Alfie (demo 2)
11. Weve Only Started (old version)
12. Only Started (instrumental demo)
13. Shopping (AKA Pauls demo)
14. Beat Surrender (demo)
15. Solid Bond In Your Heart (demo)

Disc 3 – Live at Wembley, December 1982, 23 tracks, complete concert from the last ever Jam tour (previously unreleased), re-mastered

Live at Wembley (Dec. 3rd 1982)
1. Start!
2. It’s Too Bad
3. Beat Surrender
4. Away From The Numbers
5. Ghosts
6. In The Crowd
7. Boy About Town
8. So Sad About Us
9. All Mod Cons
10. To Be Someone
11. Smithers-Jones
12. That’s Entertainment
13. The Great Depression
14. Precious
15. Move On Up
16. Circus
17. Down In The Tube Station At Midnight
18. David Watts
19. Mr Clean
20. Town Called Malice
21. But I’m Different Now
22. “Trans-Global Express”
23. In The City

Disc 4 – DVD compilation:

Promo clips: (Town Called Malice / Precious / The Bitterest Pill)

Trans-Global Unity Express tour:  live tracks from Birmingham show:

01. Town Called Malice
02. Carnation
03. Precious
04. Ghosts
05. Move On Up
06. Private Hell
07. Pretty Green
08. “Trans-Global Express”
09. The Gift

Danish TV special (DR): The Gift album live in small studio with audience

Top Of The Pops 1982:  Town Called Malice / Precious

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