Paul Weller Set List From The Greek Theatre In LA!

Image and Set List By: Bo Smith
1. My Ever Changing Moods
2. Friday Street
3. Wake Up The Nation
4. That Dangerous Age
5. When Your Garden’s Overgrown
6. Just Who Is The 5 o’clock Hero?
7. Cost Of Loving
8. Carnation
9. Foot Of The Mountain
10. Long Hot Summer
11. Dragonfly
12. You Do Something To Me
13. Moon On Your Pajamas
14. Science
15. Above The Clouds
16. STaRt!
17. Kling I Klang
18. Shout To The Top
19. The Attic
20. Strange Town
21. Up The Dosage
22. Around the Lake
23. Broken Stones
24. The Changingman
Songs on printed setlist, but not played (presumably due to 10:30 pm curfew):
Heavy Soul
Have You Made Up Your Mind
Whirlpool’s End

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