"Speak Like A Child" Released 30 Years Ago Today!

“Speak Like A Child” was released by The Style Council 30 years ago today, 11 March 1983. An uplifting love song, it marked a decided and distinctive departure from Paul’s previous band, The Jam. Full of Mick Talbot’s Hammond organ and synths along with a funky slap bass, “Speak” was a big hit single reaching #4 on the UK singles chart. The flip side was “Party Chambers.” A light Pop Jazz number with a weaving synth, the tune is kind of joyful musically, but filled with sad lyrics of lost love. A classic Weller B-side!

Join us as we celebrate and revisit the beginning of the greatest pop group in the world. 

Keep The Torch Burning!

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  1. I had the chance to see Weller performing this in NYC with a 4 piece band: when they started with A and F#- I tought it was Itchikoo Park ! Great song, very Frech and still relevant !


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