Dee C. Lee’s 1985 Solo Album Gets The Deluxe Treatment!

Dee C. Lee’s 1985 solo album, “Shrine” gets the deluxe treatment with a UK release date of October 28th. Ms. Lee enjoyed a prolific solo career in the mid-1980s in parallel to her role as a vocalist in The Style Council. Dee enjoyed huge success with the 60s-styled ballad, “See The Day,” which reached No. 3 in late 1985. The package also includes her minor hit, “Come Hell Or Waters High.” Style Council/Paul Weller fans will enjoy the CD debut for Dee’s beautiful performance of “The Paris Match” (credited to The Council Quartet and featuring Weller) and the live version of “Luck” (which again boasted performances from Style Council members).

Disc: 1
1. Shrine
2. Hey What’d Ya Say?
3. That’s When Something Special Starts
4. See The Day
5. He’s Gone
6. Come Hell Or Waters High
7. What About Me
8. Still The Children Cry
9. Just My Type
10. Hold On
11. Welcome
12. The Paris Match
13. Luck (Live Version)
Disc: 2
1. Don’t Do It Baby
2. Yes
3. Selina Wow Wow (Extended Mix)
4. Hey What Do You Say (Extended Version)
5. Ain’t Nothing Missing
6. Yippee-Yi-Yay! (Extended Version)
7. Space And Time
8. I Don’t Mess
9. Shrine (Club Mix)
10. Don’t Do It Baby (Remix, Alias Club Mix)
11. Yippee-Yi-Yay! (Dub Mix – Remix Instrumental)
12. Wow Wow Mix
13. Hey What’d Ya Say (Remix)
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