Paul Weller’s New Fashion Line! "Real Stars Are Rare"

Info via: RealStarsAreRare.com

REAL STARS ARE RARE is a new menswear label from Paul Weller. 

The collection has been designed by Paul in a collaboration with Phil Bickley, owner of Tonic, a menswear store in West London.

The Autumn/ Winter 2014 launch collection includes tailoring, knitwear, shirting and accessories.

There’s no ‘considered demographic’. REAL STARS ARE RARE is for men of all ages. Great care has gone into sourcing the best possible materials and fabrics. The collection works together, crossing over between formalwear and sharp casuals. There’s fluidity here. It’s all about movement and texture.

We’ve got 33 gauge wool Merino knits and super fine kid mohair jackets and trousers that feel as special as they look. Our tight, considered colour palette features purple, indigo, plum and bright blues
alongside rich, chocolate tones and cool greys.

REAL STARS ARE RARE has been in the planning, you could say, for forty years. Ever since a kid from Woking first cupped his hands and peered through the window of Flaks’ boutique in the late sixties, enchanted with the fashion and the faces making waves on the local scene.

That kid, Paul Weller, grew up and became a musician, a songwriter and frontman. Many claim his is the voice of a generation.

One thing’s certain; Paul never lost his passion for image and style.

It was at Tonic, a menswear store on the Portobello Road, shooting the breeze about clothes,  that an idea was born. The idle talk became a bigger conversation, shared thinking around a new collection of menswear, classic and timeless.  Sharp tailoring, quality knits, the perfect shirt…

It was only a matter of time. REAL STARS ARE RARE was inevitable.
//player.vimeo.com/video/86305854?title=0&byline=0&portrait=0&color=ffffff Real Stars are Rare: Autumn Winter 2014.
Original Track: Paul Weller.
Directed by: Oliver Gold @ olivergoldfilm.co.uk

Paul Weller
“The name comes from a line I heard somewhere: ‘REAL STARS ARE RARE… they only come out at night.’ Make of that what you will but I like it and there’s a lot of truth in it!”

“Through music and clothes I was able to peek at new worlds and ways of thinking, imagining,
new prospects and possibilities.”

“Clothes and music, music and clothes, for me they go hand-in-hand. They’ve helped shape who I am.”

“Creativity doesn’t always have an intellectual side. Often it just feels right. When we considered colours I often found myself thinking ‘yes that just works’.”

“I wouldn’t buy a coat because it happens to be cold. I’ll buy it because I love it.”

“We’ve got big ideas and plans. This Autumn/Winter launch collection is just the start.”

REAL STARS ARE RARE will be available 
via index London
Showroom: 20 East Castle Street,
London W1W 8DB


  1. Weller has lost his marbles if he is putting his name to this garbage, two button suits & ugly grey trousers with turn ups should be outlawed . This stuff will be overpriced like the pretty green joke gear that gobshite makes ,nothing to do with the classic look that working class people require .These clothes reflect his last two albums , Bollocks.


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