Paul Weller Announces Charity Concert In Liverpool For Be One Percent!

Paul Weller has announced a charity concert in Liverpool for the Be One Percent organization on Thursday 3rd July 2014 at the East Village Arts Club. Tickets on sale tomorrow (Wed, 4 June) and are limited to two per household with the purchasers name printed on each ticket and must be accompanied by matching identification to gain entry.

Steve Pilgrim is the drummer with Paul Weller’s band and is one of the founding members of the charity Be One Percent.  Paul has been supporting this charity for a while now and when booking his summer touring, he thought it would be good to do a small show in Liverpool to help raise much needed funds for the charity.

Be One Percent is a network of individuals who commit to giving 1% of their income each month to help the world’s poorest people.  It’s a simple idea.  By giving as a network we create a powerful and effective fundraising mechanism, which means that together, we make a greater impact for some of the worlds poorest communities.  As the network of givers grows, we achieve more and more – and change the world we live in.  100% of their Members Donations and Gift Aid get passed to their partner organisations.

Be One Percent looks to support charities working in the following Key Areas:
Water & Sanitation
Malnutrition, Food programs and Sustainable Food Solutions
Farming and Agriculture
Essential Medical Care
Midwifery, Pregnancy and Poverty
Investing in Schooling and Improving Skills
Investing in Communities
For more information on Be One Percent, please go to:  https://www.beonepercent.org/ 

As with all other public donations to Be One Percent, 100% of the money raised from the night will go to fund projects on the ground.

To ensure all profit from this show go to the charity we have asked the ticketing agency to personalise each ticket with the purchasers’ name and ask that the purchaser brings along photo identification which will be checked on entry to the venue. 

Thursday 3rd July 2014
East Village Arts Club, Liverpool
Doors: 6.15pm
Show time: 8pm

Tickets limited to 2 per household
Name printed tickets
Corresponding photo ID required for entry

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