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Paul Weller’s New Album, “Saturn’s Pattern” To Be Released On Parlophone Records!

PW - Studio - Andy Crofts

Paul Weller’s next album titled, “Saturns Pattern” will be released on Parlophone, the label which has an almost iconic status through its associations with The Beatles.

“While growing up listening to The Beatles, I dreamed one day of being signed to Parlophone Records, “ said the Modfather. “I’m now honoured to become part of the label with all its great history and a great roster of artists.”

“Paul Weller is one of a few great British songwriters and artists that has always moved forward and never looked back, “ declares Miles Leonard, who is chairman of the record label. “He has consistently delivered great music that feels important, has cultural relevance and has attitude and emotion in equal measures.”

PW - Parlophone

The album is scheduled to be released in April 2015. It was produced by Jan “Stan” Kybert and recorded and Paul’s Black Barn Studio in Ripley and Paul plays most of the instruments. Some of the song titles: White Sky, Saturn’s Pattern, Going My Way, Long Time, Pick It Up, I’m Where I Should Be, Phoenix, In The Car, These City Streets.

Paul said about the album, “I think it has fluidity and movement in the songs. Sonically I think it’s streets ahead of anything that’s out there and it’s got the tunes as well. I can hear deep house in some tracks. I can hear jazz and funk in it. Blues and R’n B as well. We’re going for something big sounding.” 

Studio Image via Andy Crofts

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