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Paul Weller New Music Teaser For “Saturns Pattern!”

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Some of you have no doubt seen that last week Paul Weller shared a little teaser of new music from his upcoming album, “Saturns Pattern.” The 40 second instrumental snippet features some psychedelic heavy guitar sounds and, not surprisingly, immediately created a buzz across the internet!

Along with the teaser was a date of 11 February with the instructions, “Check back for more exciting news for your eyes and ears!”

So, keep an eye out this Wednesday at Paul’s official channels @PaulWellerHQ on Twitter & Paul Weller Facebook, and of course we’ll be updating you here with all the news and info as soon as it’s released.

Saturns Pattern Track List:

White Sky
Saturn’s Pattern
Going My Way
Long Time
Pick It Up
I’m Where I Should Be
In The Car
These City Streets

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