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Details For Paul Weller’s “Saturns Pattern” Japanese Release!

Saturn's Pattern LP Art

If you’re an avid collector of Paul Weller’s Japanese releases, you no doubt know Japan often gets exclusive bonus tracks, and the release of Saturn’s Pattern is no exception. In most cases, these bonus tracks do show up in the single release campaign in the UK, so there’s a good chance you’ll see them there as well. But, if you are interested in grabbing up the Japanese release, they have two additional bonus tracks that are not on the UK deluxe edition. Here’s the track listing!

1. White Sky

2. Saturns Pattern

3. Going My Way

4. Long Time

5. Pick It Up

6. I’m Where I Should Be

7. Phoenix

8. In The Car…

9. These City Streets

10. (I’m a) Roadrunner

11. Dusk Til Dawn

12. White Sky (Prof. Kybert vs. The Moons Remix)

13. [Japan Bonus Track] I Work In The Clouds

14. [Japan Bonus Track] Praise If You Wanna

You can order “Saturns Pattern” at CD Japan HERE!

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