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The Moons Announce Live Album On LTD. Edition Vinyl!

Moons LP

Paul Weller’s band mates, Andy Crofts and Ben Gordelier, as some of you may know, are also in a band called The Moons who have released three critically praised and well received albums of their own. Now The Moons have announced the release of a live album from their performance at Bush Hall late last year.

“Live At Bush Hall” is to be The Moons’ fourth release celebrating a splendid selection of songs taken from their three studio albums.

Out on the very first global release date for new music: Friday July 10th 2015.

This strictly limited edition record (500 world-wide) is a 180-gram two-coloured (red/white) audiophile vinyl. The LP package also includes a CD version of the gig. John Davis at Metropolis mastered both sound carriers specifically for the audio format.

The beautiful cover artwork was done by Ethan Morrow

“Considering our guitar amps blew up and my throat was saw as hell, it was a great gig, I love Bush Hall!” – Andy Crofts

Side 1
1. Intro / Forever Came Today
2. Revolutionary Lovers
3. Promise Not To Tell
4. English Summer
5. Body Snatchers
6. Heart and Soul
7. Fever

Side 2
1. Something Soon
2. Society
3. It’s Taking Over
4. Chinese Whispers
5. Jennifer (Sits Alone)
6. Time’s Not Forever
7. Don’t Go Changin’


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