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Issue #2 Of Jam Fanzine “Disguises” OUT NOW!

Disguises fanzine

The 2nd issue of Jam fanzine, “Disguises” has been released. This decidedly retro fanzine is put together by our great friend Gareth, who runs one of the most popular Jam dedicated twitter accounts, @LongLiveTheJam! It’s filled with fan remembrances, info about upcoming events and some solid interviews. Issue #2 features interviews with MOD hairdresser Michael Douglas, Guitar player Chris Watson of The Moons, Author of “On The Road Past The Gate,” Andrew Gamwell. And Mark Ambrose of MODRadioUK. And if you’d like a little peek behind the curtain at the beginnings of, and folks behind this site, Paul Weller News, there’s an extensive interview with one of our very own editors, Dave aka HeavySoulBrutha!

For some great Summer reading, Order “Disguises” #2 HERE! 

Total price of the fanzine, inc. postage, is £4.35 UK, £6 Europe and £7 Rest Of World

Mr. Gary Crowley has his copy! Get yours too!!!

Diguses & Gary Crowley

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  1. I have been a loyal fan since 1978 & to me he is still the greatest singer/songwriter this country has ever produced. Bollocks to Lennon & McCartney. Paul Weller is the best!!


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