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The Jam Exhibition At Somerset House Is Open For Visitors!

Jam Exhibit 2

The Jam exhibition at London’s Somerset House is now open for visitors! “About The Young Idea” celebrates the legacy of one of Britain’s most iconic bands. Since opening, visitors have been lining up to view the artifacts, many never seen before now, associated with the band. If you’re in London, or planning a visit, this is a must to attend.

For the very first time, all three members of the band – Paul Weller, Rick Buckler and Bruce Foxton – the Weller family and music archivist Den Davis have opened up their archives, especially for the show. The collection, which is curated by frontman Paul’s sister and former head of The Jam’s fan club Nicky Weller, Tory Turk and Russell Reader with additional advice from DJ Gary Crowley, includes hand written lyrics, original stage outfits, personal photographs and footage, unreleased music videos, early scrapbooks, letters and postcards, posters and fanzines, and the band’s instruments. The exhibition, designed in reference to album artworks and featuring original graphics from celebrated artist Anthony Burrill, provides a unique and personal insight into the band’s trailblazing life and the retrospect legacy The Jam left on music, style, politics and culture.

Paul toured the exhibit with his sister, Nicky for the BBC Front Row series and offered some thoughts to John Wilson.

Scroll forward 15mins and you can hear the interview HERE!

Here’s a few photos from the star-studded opening night!

P & Bruce

PW Bruce Nicki

All info about the exhibit via Somerset House HERE!

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