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Exclusive “Saturns Pattern” Necklaces / Medallions For Sale!

We would imagine that one of the interesting things for Paul Weller about being on the road and performing for adoring fans is getting some really cool gifts along the way. In the US last month, Jennifer Marsh gave these lovely handmade “Saturns Pattern” necklaces to Paul, Hannah and the band. They were a BIG hit in the community after Hannah tweeted about how much she loved it, and Paul was seen wearing his on stage and in photos. So much so, that Jennifer had many inquiries from fans all over the world about how they can get one. And we’re very happy to inform you that Jen, with permission from the Weller’s is offering them up for sale. Here’s her statement and info on how you can get one of these highly collectible pieces.

— Hello Wellerites! Before this most recent American tour I made some Saturns Pattern medallions to wear and share with Hannah and the band. Hannah got hers first in New York City and she so graciously posted a beautiful photo and thank you on Twitter that very day. Some of those who saw the post asked if they were available to purchase one, but I didn’t feel right offering them up when they were so clearly based on the album cover’s design. At one of the seven shows my husband Colin and I attended I had a chance to ask Hannah and Paul directly what they thought I should do. They both enthusiastically said, “sell them.” Paul actually told me I had his blessing.

After that sunk in I realized I had to set my priorities and here they are:

1. Offer options but keep it affordable.
2. Keep it sterling silver. Because anything less than a precious metal wouldn’t do.
3. Set up a system so I don’t get buried. (I have a full time job I love!)

Here are the options I can offer:

Option 1:
Have a chain you already like?
The medallion alone is $35

Option 2:
An 18 inch box chain with the medallion is $41

Option 3:
A 26 inch flat cable chain with the medallion is $45
(This is the chain I made for Weller)

Jen SP 1

Send an email with your option selection along with your shipping address to:

I will reply with a PayPal payment request once I know the exact shipping cost.
Shipping will be the exact cost for insured delivery. I will find the least expensive option.
I couldn’t be comfortable knowing a package could get lost without some sort of guarantee.

Orders will take approximately 6-8 weeks however this time could be considerably shorter.

Is this the medallion Weller has been wearing on this tour?
No. That medallion was a hand stamped piece and is one of only three ever made.
It is however the same chain if you select option 3 and Weller does happen to own one of these too.

How big is the medallion?
It’s approximately one inch in diameter.

Does the medallion come in any other sizes or metals?
No. I’m afraid I don’t have the time or resources to offer other custom options.

If you have any other questions please drop me a line.

All the best,

So please get in touch with Jennifer if you’d like to secure one of these treasures. She’s one of the kindest folks we know in the community. We’re sure she’d be chuffed to get her fellow internationalists sorted with this little piece of “Saturns Pattern” LOVE!

Jennifer with Andy Crofts!

JM w:Andy

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