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Paul Weller Featured in “Scratch My Vinyl” Art Project!


Whilst touring Italy recently, the members of the Paul Weller Band were tweeting photos of these incredibly fascinating vinyl records that had amazingly detailed and stunning images etched on them, and thanking a fan for the gift.

We were curious where they got them, and discovered they were created by this wonderful artist named, Monica Franceschi. We reached out to Monica and she was kind enough to share all very cool and special pieces given to the band!

“Paul Weller is touring with Steve Cradock, Andy Crofts, Andy Lewis, Steve Pilgrim, Ben Gordelier, for some years and they all together are the best band in the world and I wanted to give them one of my vinyl artwork to show them my appreciations to their great performance.

Paul’s music is my biggest inspiration source and to create these portraits I have used vinyl records ruined by scratches “drawing” the illustrations with a nail.

The project idea was to turn a damage into a creative tool. The surface of the microgroove has been further scratched to bring out the images from the black vinyl using the light tones.” —Monica

andyc andyl beng stevec stevep pw-sp2

Pretty remarkable work, we think!

If you’d like to check out more of Monica’s “Scratch My Vinyl” pieces, or contact her, click HERE! 

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