Paul Weller

Paul Weller Speaks About The Concert For Corbyn In New MOJO!


The year end issue of MOJO magazine (January) has a short interview with Paul discussing his upcoming “Concert For Corbyn” on 16 December. Paul explains a bit of his intentions for participating in the gig, and responds to the segment of his fans that may be upset about it. Here’s a couple of quotes.

“I like what Corbyn’s been saying. I just thought, here is someone that could steer the Labour Party into what it should be about. It used to be about the working people, the working class. But more generally, it’s about changing our society – there’s so much paranoia and suspicion and racism, we need to turn that round and become the modern society we should be.”

“There’s been some things on the internet. I don’t read all that bollocks, but someone said, “Why is he doing it?” But why shouldn’t I do it? I guess they don’t understand where I’m at. After the bullshit of the Blair years, I think people will see it as a bit of hope on the horizon.” 

You can pick up a copy of MOJO, on news stands now, to read the full interview, or for more information, CLICK HERE!


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