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Paul Weller’s First Four Solo Albums To Be Reissued On Vinyl?

Well, we put a question mark on the article title, as no official announcement has been made. But, the first two solo albums (Paul Weller, Wild Wood) were announced for vinyl reissue a few months ago and suddenly got pulled on the expected release date of, 18 November. We have seen today on various Japanese sites (HMV, Tower Records), and if they are indeed correct, the first FOUR solo LP’s are now scheduled for late January 2017. This would come as welcome news to many collectors that missed out on the original pressings, as vinyl was largely neglected in the boom of the 90’s CD era. Heavy Soul is especially rare and seldom appears on the resale market.

We will keep you informed as soon as we find out any further info and details. For now, here’s the link to HMV Japan that lists all four records on their release schedule and available for pre-order, although PW and WW still state, 18 November. –> HMV Japan

**UPDATE: Amazon UK now has Stanley Road and Heavy Soul’s expected release date as February 24, 2017

**UPDATE 2: Statement from PW official about the releases – 

“We are pleased to finally be able to confirm the release dates for the forthcoming limited edition facsimile 1st pressings of Paul Weller’s solo albums on heavyweight vinyl. Having had to change the initial dates, from those announced, as a result of bespoke vinyl capacity issues we are now able to confirm the following…”

Release date: January 20th 2017
1. Paul Weller (UPC: 006025 4797824 0)
2. Wild Wood (UPC: 006025 4797825 7)

Release date: February 24th 2017
3. Stanley Road (UPC: 006025 4797826 4)
4. Heavy Soul (UPC: 006025 4797827 1)

Further news on future releases will follow soon…


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