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Paul Weller’s New Album, “A Kind Revolution.”



Details have emerged about Paul’s upcoming album titled, “A Kind Revolution.” Slated for a Spring 2017 release, it features some special guests including, Boy George, Madeline Bell, PP Arnold, Josh McClory and Robert Wyatt. You can check out more in this clip from UNCUT magazine! “I’ve been very creative this year.”


13 thoughts on “Paul Weller’s New Album, “A Kind Revolution.” Leave a comment

  1. Sounds like some more soul and funk influences than the past few albums, hope some smoother sounds emerge on this album. Still can’t wait for release and Watford gig in April.


  2. Mr. Weller was my ikon/idol once. When Paul is going to do a real Rock album without any soul influence I´m going to buy that album. If you then going to have guests on that Album you can ofcourse ask Mr. Jones from ex. The Clash. Damon Albarn (Blur), Swedish Rock star Thåström (he sing nowadays even ballards that is really good). He have even played once with Mick Jones from ex The Clash. Peace & Solidarity Johan The Swede.


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