35 Years Ago Today… The Jam Release, “The Gift!”

The Jam Gift

On 12 March 1982, The Jam released their final LP. “The Gift” went straight in at #1 on the UK Chart and would produce THREE Top Ten singles, including the chart topping double A side, “Town Called Malice/Precious!” Not long after, Paul decided to end the band. After a final tour, the year would be capped off with another #1 single/EP, “Beat Surrender.” The band’s sudden demise was no doubt a heartbreak to many at the time. But, perhaps the legacy of The Jam remains as strong as it is all these years later (can it really be 35?) because they left us at their peak, at the exact moment they were THE most popular band in England, and most of all, #1 in our hearts! Here’s a few sights and sounds to celebrate the music of The Jam’s final album, and their final year! Enjoy!!!

“I want this to count for something!” – Paul Weller, 1982

Jam Beat Surrender - Concert Progame 82

Jam March 82

Jam 82 Live

Jam Ticket 82

Jam goodbye

Jam Backstage 82

4 responses to “35 Years Ago Today… The Jam Release, “The Gift!”

  1. I last saw the Jam live on 5th Dec 1982, it was a great night but also a very sad night & a great last album to leave us with, I still a massive fan today, 40 yrs a fan, thank you.


  2. I was 12 when The Gift came out and The Jam were the start of my musical journey, can’t thank em enough.


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