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Paul Weller Releases “A Kind Revolution” Album & Making Of Documentary!

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It finally here! Paul Weller’s “A Kind Revolution” arrives amid stellar critical reviews and with high anticipation from Weller’s loyal fans. Our view here at PWNews… it was well worth the wait. It’s eclectic, layered and musically adventurous. At times, a tight soulful, funky gem, along with other moments of sweeping pop masterpieces. What a truly a wonderful, mature and inventive piece of work that not many other artists could produce 40 years deep into a career! Well done, Sir!!!

Take a peek behind the making of the album and some of the inspiration and ideas behind it with this cool little documentary released to coincide with the album today.

Be sure and get out to your local shop, grab up a copy, preferably on glorious vinyl, and immerse yourself in A KIND REVOLUTION!




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